Jersey Maintenance

1.For the jersey with printing, washing it by hand is the best way. Thus, please try to avoid washing it by machine. If you use a machine to wash it, please turn the jersey inside out.


2.Please do not wash the printed or stamped areas too hard in case that the jersey would get damaged. Please do not expose the jerseys in the sun for long to avoid the burst of logo and patches, the fading of colors and the peeling of letters. Please hang up the jersey when you do not wear it.


3.If the printed letters and numbers tilt up, please use clean and non-stick plastic paper or stencil to cover them, make the jersey flat, press and iron it with 150° in 7-8 seconds. It will be firm when you finish the above steps. If not, please iron again.

ATTENTION: please do not let the iron touch the printed or stamped areas directly.